Boeing 777 Family Rework


Okay…thank you for your explanation before I understand now @s1b2p5 and also @JT_Playz hihihi…


Not everyone would know if it was Boeing’s image. Once again, if the user clicked the link that was with the image, then that should be the proper credit in that case. If they got it from Boeing’s website, then they should credit them.


Yes, not everyone would know it was Boeing’s image. That is my point. Your second sentence starts with “Once again,” but I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Can you explain your position on this more clearly?


I Love This Air New Zealand Girl



Just voted for this! This would be a great upgrade to the skies of Infinite Flight!


I apologize for expressing an opinion, But I really think in 2019 the 777 should get soft rework like the 737 got. Let’s look at a couple of reasons 1. It already has 3D fan blades and 2. It already has APPR, thus it would only require wing flex and pilots in the flight deck
(For the record I know could be dead wrong, I know absolutely nothing about coding and programming)


I actually wish this the first plane in IF to have gear tilt, since the B777 is such a powerful plane.




They did rework the 737 so I why not 777 :))


It’s also the most flown plane on Infinite Flight (Sorry I mean 777-300) but i would love to see my favourite plane updated


Same 777 the bomb


It will be truly amazing to have Boeing 777s with upgraded cockpits, wing flex, etc.


It would be also awesome with this couple of cameras actives from the cockpit


@George we should focus on 350 and 330 first, 757,767 next and at lastly the 777


I honestly think a 777 soft rework is possible this year. The model is pretty accurate only thing really missing is liveries, cough cough UA 77W cough cough and wingflex. The other aircraft like the A330 and A380 are way to old for a soft rework as the model isn’t accurate


What about the cockpit? The wingflex? I think it needs a solid rework like the A-10 and other planes.


I would be ok with a soft rework, a full rework would be amazing, but I’d settle for a soft rework for now


Everything will come at its’ own time. No need to rush things, plus this is not in @George’s hands :)


@Daniel14 I think you’re maybe talking about the update similar from the 737, which is only an addition.

There is lots of ideas for new updates, with hundreds of features people want for this game, which puts pressure for the Developers.

In my opinion we could just wait for a better rework than that. But it is not a bad idea, I just prefer for to wait for a better rework :)


Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts on how the 777 should be updated 🙂