Boeing 777 Family Rework


Also hope they add this feature:
"When takeoff power is applied, hydraulic power is removed from the flaperons, as not to stress the actuators for an extended duration, which causes them to drop due to gravity. They are then slowly lifted by the rushing air. At around 100 knots, power is restored to them.

The stress being avoided is from the engine’s jet blast."



I think that happens in the 787 as well right?


Oh boy!! You know alot!! This was asked on AIRLINERS.NET but they couldn’t figure it out! Thanks;)


That is correct!


We might have luck as this is the most flown plane in IF I definitively use this plane all the time


I would go Krazy if this lovely bird got a full blown rework, but a soft rework like the 737 would me make happy.


Completely true! The B777 without the wingflex is just terrible😣


This better be the next reworked aircraft from top to bottom


Relax it’ll get reworked when they do it.


Considering the 777W consistently seems to be the most used plane at any one point in IF, I can definitely see this rework coming in soon.

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A330 is no where on there as well


Precisely, but that could simply just be because no one wants to fly it because of it’s poor physics and quality.


True I just flew both and tbh the 777is missing a lot of really key features like a working cockpit, Wong flex, tilted gear (Tuck tilt) and logo lights. This I believe could be the next update though as this aircraft is flown the most and who wouldn’t.


That working cockpit, wing flex, and gear tilt would make it perfect!


I really want this to be reworked but we just got the 737 soft rework so I don’t think we’re getting a Boeing plane in the next rework.
I hope we do tho.
No cockpit lights on a long hual plane is just crazy lol


Very good post for the de best aircraft in the world I vote it, I’m waiting Air Austral livery!


You forgot about the Malaysia Flight MH370. That was believed to be a fatal accident. And I am totally not against the 777.


I apologize in advance but I’m going to use your comment to highlight something about crediting images on this forum. The link you provided to the 777 engineering position is not the original source of the image. They don’t even credit Boeing (it’s their image) on that page. Giving some random page credit for the image is wrong.

You don’t need to credit images when you post them on a forum. Boeing doesn’t care. They didn’t even care about the page you provided the link to using their image without giving a reference. Putting pressure on forum users to provide credit on every image leads to situations like this (where the wrong people get credit). I recommend removing the link from your comment since it is not their image.

I found the original source but I don’t feel like providing the link because this is just a forum. In addition, I don’t want to click on the links people post on here. Who knows where they will take me.

TLDR you don’t have to give credit on every image. If you want to for fun, give credit to the actual source.

P.s I know you’re well intentioned and totally didn’t deserve this rant. Your comment was just a good example for demonstrating these issues.


If @Fariz_Rizky found the image from that website, then that is to whom he must credit, even if it was originally Boeing’s photo.

We have had copyright issues in the past not giving credit to the images that do not belong to us, so it’s mandatory that we give some form of credit.

Here are some similar topics regarding media credit:


Thanks for that info^

Using the guidelines from Misha’s topic, isn’t the way Fariz referenced the image still incorrect? Misha said the goal was to give content creators credit. The 777 engineering website was not the content creator, Boeing was.

I don’t take the other two topics as seriously, however they still reinforce my point. Obviously google images isn’t accurate enough. The other topic is basically asking that spotters get direct credit, not the website their pictures appear on. That’s essentially the same thing that’s happening here. Boeing is the content creator (just like the spotters) and the website is using it without credit. All of the topics you presented indicate that the credit should be given to Boeing and not the website where he found the image.

You also mentioned copyright issues. Boeing is the only one who could come after you for this image. The website has no claim to it. Once again, the credit should be given to Boeing if this was the concern.

Do you have any examples of ifc copyright issues in the past? I find it hard to believe that someone would go after a forum post.

Can you explain why Boeing shouldn’t get the credit here? Everything you supplied seems to indicate that they should.