Boeing 777 Family Rework


I heavily support this post. As a proud kenyan seeing the 777 and 737 in Kenya Airways livery would be amazing. Make it happen IF


A small rework like the 737 is currently getting would be truly amazing for this beautiful bird.


This would be great, the 777 is my favorite aircraft!


This is the most popular aircraft in IF, so I think a rework on this would be awesome!


won my last vote. I hope that after 737 it will be redone.


I agree, but it shouldnt be number one priority, The Airbus a330/40 is way worse and have alot more votes as well for a rework:) Still i agree with you, but not in the nearest future.


good point


The Airbus a340 and the 777 need a re-work, but they are awesome aircraft that could use some improvement!


I just don’t think this aircraft is that far below the new standards… Have you seen the F/A-18? Lol.


Absolutely! I am excited for the future :)


I think just the addition of wingflex would do so many wonders to the 777, as it did get reworked a few years ago.


I’ve just removed a vote to vote for this. Its my favourite plane to fly and would love to see a rework done on it but I’m willing to wait a year or so, so the 77X can be added. Folding wingtips 😍😍


Definitely needed would love to see some wingflex while flying this beauty


I hope they don’t forget the outboard ailerons deflecting upward on approach when reworking this baby!
Does any one know the reason for this?


One day, when this rework does come, I hope the DEVS will take into consideration of little details like engine types and the registration to match the aircraft

For example: The British Airways Boeing 777-236(ER)

Observe the 777-200ER between the 300ERs.

The engine doesn’t match its counterpart G-YMMU.

In the real world, G-YMMU is equipped with 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 895s, but in Infinite Flight, G-YMMU is equipped with 2 GE90-90Bs, which is inaccurate.

Also, not to mention, the “Boeing 777 text” is missing behind the rear door. Also, British Airways has the last 3 letters of the registration on the tail for Rolls-Royce engines aircraft (G-YMMU), meanwhile in IF, only the last 2 are on the tail.

Nothing too major, but something I would like to see change.



I would be incredibly satisfied with the type of rework the 737 got.


Thanks for giving credit! 👍


I agree that they should address that issue. However, I think the fact that the 77W doesn’t have the 115B is a much bigger problem.


I’d be satisfied if we got a soft rework for the 777 similar to how we did with the 737, but I would be happy if we got a full rework, like the A-10. The 777 family has some amazing liveries around the world, and it would be amazing to see some of those within IF.

A working cockpit would be amazing, and not the pasty yellow color. Gear tilt… that would be something amazing to see. And this bird sure needs some wing flex.


This happens when the aircraft senses that it’s above the glidslope and by deflecting them up, lift is reduced and the plane can achieve a steeper descent angle. (This happens without any input from the pilot).)
This happens with the inboard ailerons (flaperons) too.
They also deflect up when the spoilers are up.
(The 787 and I think the 747-8 also have a similar feature irl).