Boeing 777 Family Rework


That would look so good!


i would love to buy this for my PMDG777, but I think IF won’t how that kind of weather effect soon.


i love the klm and united 777 and the delta 777


I think she needs no revision because she is already relatively good. we would need a machining for the B 757 or the A330!but you summarized the topic really nicely.


The Delta 777 doesn’t look like that. Also if the photos aren’t your, then make sure to credit them.

Try using photos from real life instead of GTA V. :)


Pretty sure that’s GTA V


I respect this, but I think that this needs a serious cockpit update and some wingflex! :)

Dont forget the cabins either! ;) and working doors lol.


Image result for united 777Image result for delta 777


A rework would be awesome but you guys need to dream bigger:


Don’t forget to credit the image. 😉


They also should make a Boeing 777x with FOLDABLE wingtips as a new button.


Is it just me, or is the 777 family really hard to slow down?


Obviously, along with much more aircrafts… Boeing 747, 767, 757, 777, 737… There is so much reworking to do. I would love mainly the cockpits remade and the wingflex to be added. This should be done before adding any newer planes, as well as 3D terminal buildings… But that’s just all I want in the future. I know the moderators and developers are working hard on their future projects…


when you are landing, how much fuel do you have? Because if you are below max landing weight, then you won’t stop very quickly.


I was talking about on descent, not the actual landing. On descent I have the spoilers engaged and yet the aircraft struggles to loose speed.


how steep is your descent? Like how fast are you descending?


-1800 till 11,000, then -1000 till I catch the localizer.


That’s why. At -1000, your aircraft is at about equal librium. What I mean by that, is the amount of thrust which is not being produced by the engines is still being produced by your descent. Gravity isn’t just pulling you down, its also allowing the aircraft to fly faster.


Voted for this.


I think that the Boeing 777 can wait before a rework. the priorities are for me the a330 and the a350.