Boeing 777 Family Rework


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Well I was thinking because we haven’t completed the 777 family they could maybe add the Boeing 777-300 and the Boeing 777-200 to complete the family or if there is more.


In my opinion, the 777-200LR/300ER looks much better with the satcom.


(It’s the little hump over the United text)


The Boeing 777 Family majorly needs a reowrk in my opinion, especially the cockpit. Although it probably won’t come soon, FDS should definitely consider this.


@Javier_Blancas how are you able to get such nice graphics? Even with my iPad graphics settings set to high, my graphics look nothing like that for the planes.


@Charlie_Boothe I recommend taking that to a Pm.


image I really love the wing flex on the 777! Photo credits to


That is from the pre-global version. Planes look different now. :)


True I would love to see everything you mentioned on the 777 since this is the aircraft I fly the most,but I think the developers will rework the Airbus family and other aircraftfirst before going back to the 777


That Singapore Airlines Livery in the picture tho 😍


Just look at this beautiful livery- KLM Orange Pride! Photo credits to


It would be nice to see the 777 butter the bread with gear truck.


We already have the Orange Pride livery.


I don’t think the develop will add the 777-300 variant as there’s only 60 build…
further more all 777-300 operators have the 777-300ER as well…


The B777 family is a great work horse in the twin engined long haul market for airliners this is one of my favourite aircraft by far now if FDS go ahead with the B777 rework I would actually pay for global again after they lower the prices a bit now the main features I would like to see is truck tilt, wing flex, GE90 sounds and a reworked flight deck.


@George hello yes I’m with you for FDS reworked the whole family of 777 and you have my vote 🙂


I recently found that video (for others simulators but), I just can imagine how mad the 777 will become with that rework (and optionnally, the weather effects and also some great lights but not for now as said)
the more I discover about this aircraft, the more I get facinated ! It’s awesome to see !