Boeing 777 Family Rework


I think majority of the people want the cockpit lit…


This is surely not next. The A330 rework has over 800 votes. You’re dreaming if you think the 777 is next.


Let’s not speculate now… you never know and you can’t make assumptions. A feature request is always considered by the devs, but in the end it’s their decision.


I’m referring to any Boeing aircraft, not just the 777.


I really hate flying at night with the 777 as the cockpit is real dark


@TheFlyingKiwi It would be awesome to eventually see the cockpit like this on the 777:

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This plane needs wing flex added like the a320 series have now


Don’t forget ANA;) They operate 22 of them and 6 more on order!!


I also agree with what you say, if the that wing flex was added to the B777 plane, it will look good, I’m really looking forward to it🙂😉😀


With the fact that it has been reworked already it probably won’t receive one in a bit and heavies that are more in need of reworks like A333 763 are the ones that will receive the reworks,not to mention there are many other aircraft that could have reworks done before the 777


Ethiopian airlines has a B777-300ER

Just saying


The 777 desperately needs a reworked cockpit, up to the standard of the 787 or MD-11/DC-10. Also, I wouldn’t complain about a fancy cargo hold latch and perhaps an access door that can open and close.


Also a private livery


i hope this plane doesn’t get forgotten and gets a rework. its a amazing aircraft to fly and beautiful


All of the 777 aircraft are still in a pretty good condition compared to other aircraft. Of course, the 777 is flown by many, but maybe this will change when other long haul airliners get reworked. Compared to the A330-300 the 777 is awesome. APPR, lots of liveries, all different variants, a cockpit looking good enough imo. I think some others should be reworked before.


I agree with you …
But I would not mind if, for example, in a rework of a machine in the meantime as in the A 320 it was made that you Wingflex etc added


it’s just a little reworked like the A 320 family


We will see. Maybe they get wingflex added, but a new cockpit and new physics take a lot of time, and this time could be used for planes like the A330/A340, A380, 757 or 767 in my opinion.


some wing adjustments would be nice, such as wing flex…

(i took this photo on a delta 777-200LR)


I will lose my mind when this rework happens…