Boeing 777 Family Rework


I do not usually use a high VS to rise in B77W use a VS 1500, but the problem persists. So when I get to cruising altitude, I turn off the altitude of the autopilot and leave only the VS button on, because when it reaches cruising altitude, I set the VS to 0 to try to stabilize.


VS 1500 to ascend to cruise is too high.
When reachin cruise alt, you should use around 500vs and.
I think you should use atl not the vs when in cruise.
Using vs is making things worse I think


I’ll try to do the way you said; I’ll tell you the result later.


With also more smooth autopilot reactions : I mean when is times to turn, make it turn but slower !

It’s visually unconfortable for me and for virtual pasangers (I don’t like that )


I agree that the 777 neeeds a rework and a couple more liveries would be nice, but I also think that other aircraft like the a330 should be prioritized when it comes to reworks


Well the thing is that that the A330 rework will most likely come first due to votes. So I don’t think that you need to worry about that.


Yeah the honest only thing that 777 needs is wingflex and cockpit


I would LOVE to see an HD cockpit and wing flex on the 777.


Don’t forget the FLAPERONS:)


I fully agree with the 777 family rework, myself is a big fan of the 777


I hope they will think about add this one to its update



I would also to notice that this aircraft if equipted with spoilerons system
I don’t know if you see, but It’s visible on caravan in IF…

In real world, you can see system act during crosswind landings…


I wanted to be able to vote, but we need this rework, I wanted so much to see the wing flex in 777 👍


I wouldn’t sweat it, this will eventually come. It’s not a matter of if, but rather when. The dev’s have already said they plan on bringing all the planes up to the quality of the CRJ/tri-jets eventually. It takes time.


If the A320 can get wingflex, It’s only fair that the 777 does too.


Lol, what? When was this ever based off of “what’s fair” (whatever that even means in this context)?

The A320 series and 777 are on different levels. Just look at their cockpits. The devs have their priorities in order, and I’m sure the 777 will come eventually. Patience is virtue.


Could we have duplicate wing/engine cameras aswell? (on both sides )

-about the wing cameras : a little more in the back
like this


I really want a cabin view for this aircraft!😍


Really the main issue facing the B777 is not the physics (they are accurate, dont even start with how it is so hard for it to slow down that is why it has flight spoilers and if you know how to descend right in it you dont really need them), not the cockpit (which is pretty good compared to really old models), lack of wing flex, or lack of action features. What the B777 is missing is the liveries of some of it’s largest operators. AF needs the classic livery, Korean Air is missing, United while new has one of the larger fleet of them, Air India has a descent sized fleet, Air Chine (not to be confused with China Airlines which is available for the B77W) is a must have for the liveries, EVA air is right up their with the largest operators, and Saudia is the last of the large operators missing on the B77W liveries list.

The good news is as we have seen with the A320 family, IF doesnt need to do a rework of the aircraft in order get liveries added, which is a good thing because there are other aircraft in need of reworks more than the B777 family. My hope is that additional liveries get taken into consideration for one of the most popular aircraft used on IF.


The Boeing 777 series could use some TLC. Airbus fans have gotten their wingflex and updated liveries for the whole A320 lineup, Boeing must be up next surely. This could just as well be a small update with new liveries and wingflex. Wingflex on this gigantic 777 wing must look amazing!