Boeing 777 family event @ KNUC - 091515ZJUL16

B777 family event.
B772,773,772F are allowed!
on free flight server
At 4:15 PM BST
3:15 PM GMT
spawn now!
Must follow me ,shoutout will be given ok Instagram who ever comes!
Must follow me (IG-IF Aviation Kaler on IF)

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In the future please follow the proper #live:events format with your title. I fixed it for you this time.


Is the event on now?

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Why at KNUC? It’s an airport for military use.

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But we are already there. We are about uhhh…6 triple 7’s free flight server

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Hey,I don’t actually know how to do Live:Events,can you please tell ASAO as I have an event today?

You’re fine now, just in the future your title should follow this format:

Title @ icao - DDHHHHMONYY

I’m in
Can’t wait

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