Boeing 777 engine fan blades rendering graphics issue

Using newly bought iPhone 12 with latest iOS 15. (something - but is up to date).

Graphics etc on high, no anti-aliasing. I do not fly at busy airports on this setting to limit lag etc.

Started 777W flight at Arlanda, in wing engine view noticed this rendering issue on the fan blade?

Even when zoom out it stays. Looks so odd!

When outside view and zoomed out more this rendering issue goes away.

I restarted IF and the flight (as was only parked at gate) - did not go away

See pic for detail!

Hello there!

This is a known issue, it has been noted internally and will be fixed in a future update.

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Great! Is it affecting other aircraft? I have not noticed so far in others

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Hello :)

This happens at many pilots soo we can‘t do anything special :)

Maybe I‘m not 100% sure but maybe turn Anti An. ON ?

But if its doesn’t work its not your phone‘s fault.


No, the fan blade bug is only present for the 777 family, as far as I’m aware. It is a frustrating one, however, it only appears when the engines are turned off - which isn’t a big portion of the flight ;). The engines look completely fine when they’re turned on, so that won’t bother you.
The unfortunate reality is, it may be even more frustrating for the developers to fix it, since graphics development isn’t exactly straight-forward. My advice is to just bear with them while they find a solution to it.

To an extent, yes. If you look closely enough, I believe this affects most, if not all engines with fan blades rendered.

While the rendering issues of the blades seen on the B777 engines look to be the most affected, this is because it has some of the most extreme geometry of all reworked planes.


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