Boeing 777 crosswind landing practice. 40/60 kts wind speeds!

my goal wasn’t the center line but using the rudder all the way while lining up on the side of the runway and make a turn right after the ‘100’ feet call out! so i can get the nose in a direction in which the nose gear won’t cause the plane to drift out of the runway, i know this is a cheap technique but i did practiced the crab angle so many times and i failed 90% of the time cause i couldn’t get the nose gear to line up perfectly before touch down so the plane always drifts off runway ;.;

so i have been practicing this technique lately, pulling the rudder all the way while lining up on the side of the runway and then make a turn right after 100ft with the help of the crosswind!

the 1st video have wind Velocity of 40 kts, the 2nd video however have wind Velocity of 60 kts plus wind gusts of 20 kts! which was very challenging cause even with the rudder pulled all the way the plane was still flying in a crab angle.

40 kts wind Velocity.

60 kts wind Velocity, 20 wind kts wind gusts.


Nice attempts however you should keep making corrections to ensure you are lined up. Don’t rely on the wind to live you up at the last second.


yeah that’s the hardest part, i line up on the side so i can have plenty of space when i make the last few seconds turn, with the usual crab angle style i always miscalculate and fail to make the turn in time to get the nose gear to the center so i always end up drifting off the runway to the taxiway ;.;


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