Boeing 777-8

Since there’s a request for the 9x why not for the 8x?
It will be the replacement for aging 777-200LR.
Leave a like if you want it.


Love the new 77X series, can’t wait to fly on it IRL. Also hoping it will pop up in IF.

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Too early in my opinion

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For some reason I think Airbus and Boeing as Apple and Samsung. the 777-200LR was ok but they added some stuff and now boom the 777-8X. The one that gets me is the A330 NEO. They added new engines and now it’s a new plane. But it’s way too early for this. The 737 MAX would be added before this.

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Apparently the A320 and A321 are only neos from A320 family and A330 neo and possibly a A380 neo. A340 is no longer on Airbus replacement list.

Really no need because flight characteristics won’t be known until the first one is delivered. That’ll be in a few years. Best to just hold off on the request.

The 777-200LR isn’t even 15 years old yet.

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What’s going to be cool is the 8 is as big as the 300ER and the 9 will be much bigger. Longer than the 747-8. Now that will be a very big twin engine commercial plane!

Too many Boeing request, I don’t like it let’s move to Airbus.

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Although this is great we need Airbus work

The a319 also has a NEO version.

Ok fine, A350!!


I know right

Why do you think we are requesting Boeings? ✌️✌

Looks great!

This would be cool, as we have the rest of the 777 family :)

We really like this @elisua

Half the community votes Airbus, the other half votes Boeing. The dev’s will come out with one of each and tell us all to be quiet.

We don’t have 777-300

Nor do we have the 777-200, but people are just going to be mad at them for releasing the 777-300 with less than 10 liveries for $5 of which some liveries are on the 777-300ER.