Boeing 777-300ER TAM


Welcome to the forum, This livery has already been requested I’m afraid you should search up what you are posting in the features category first to make sure it hasn’t been posted before.


Now the name is LATAM Brasil!!!

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Still prefer the old one :)

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Closed the other one. This one can remain open:)

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Damn you’re closing old threads this time round hahaha


I too!!! But only the name has changed ;)

Yea but when they first came up with the livery, everyone thought it was childish (including me) lol

But today I start to see a difference in the livery and think to myself

It isn’t that bad after all! xD

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What a nice livery! Sadly it will be phased out (the livery, the plane hopefully not it’s gorgeous!!!)

Why was the old one closed if this is the duplicate? And I think Latam’s livery is better than Tam’s

Departing Miami I see 😏

I absolutely LOVE the “LATAM Brasil” livery. It’s super nice looking.

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Because the other one didn’t get much attention.

Do you me if we create a duplicate topic but the other one didn’t get much attention you won’t close it?

No not really!i don’t think so…that still doesn’t mean you make duplicates…On topic…The livery is OK…i wouldn’t mind having that

I want it in IF!

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Indeed it’s pretty!

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