Boeing 777-300ER Qatar Livery Pink Fan Blades

Device: Samsung Galaxy S21+
Operating system: Android 12

Upon spawning into OTHH in the Qatar 777-300ER i noticed this issue.

As you can see, the fan blades are almost showing pink. I do know there are some reflection glitches going around, so this may be correlated.

Thanks, folks!


Looks like a texurr is missing

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I’ve seen this during last flight.honestly thought it was part of the livery.

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I kind of did too, but i highly doubt it is.

No its a bug bc thered 3 fan blades. That are used. One when standing still one while n1+ qnd one that is just for engine on. It looks like on of those 3 has a missing texure il check it out on my device to see if i have it to. (AM NOT A MOD OR ANYTHING AM JUST SPECULATING)

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This is a known issue and the developers know about this

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Cool. Glad to know. This can be closed now.