Boeing 777-300ER Latam "STAR WARS"

Boeing 777-300ER Latam STAR WARS

Hello friends,

I come to bring this great request from the Stars.
Soon the whole painting will be announced but I will now make the request on behalf of the fans of Star Wars and Latam.

Latam Airlines Group today unveiled the first image of its Star Wars-inspired plane: Galaxy’s Edge, just days after the official opening of the new Disney’s Hollywood Studios park area at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

This way, the Latam Airlines Group will allow passengers and fans to travel on a Stormtroopers-inspired aircraft, the Star Wars Galactic Empire, on flights departing from Latam’s hub in Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) to Orlando, where Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is located, as well as Miami, Madrid, Frankfurt or Paris.
Although not confirmed the registration of the aircraft must be PT-MUA, first LATAM Boeing 777 and that is in Abu Dhabi for installation of new interiors, in addition to the new special painting.

This is the first time I heard LATAM using a
Star Wars livery on their 777.

Below is a statment from Schyllberg why may not see a Star Wars livery in Infinite Flight.





I would love this so bad, not kidding.
But yeah, it’s not happening due to Disney being really strict with their trademarks :(


Closing so people put their votes on things we actually can add :)