Boeing 777-300ER fuel capacity

Hello. I want to ask so I know how much fuel is appropriate for a flight AMS-CGK somebody knows?

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Take yourself to simbrief which will give you required fuel and flight plans for your flights.
I suggest you look at this series of tutorials to correctly plan your flights!

Also this one on using simbrief


You could also use to help you plan your fuel amount.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your airport ICAO (EHAM - WIII)
  3. Choose your airplane (Boeing 777-300ER)
  4. Hit “PLANNER.”
  5. And then it should show how much fuel you need for your flight.

If you want to do it the more simple way, download FlightRadar 24, then type in your Origin then destination. If there is a route currently in service from those two airports, it will come up with a list of flights. Choose any of them (if you want to add extra realism, choose the flight with your airline if available and it’s callsign) and you will see all the flight information including FLIGHT TIME. Once you see the flight time, go to Infinite Flight and add the flight time’s worth of fuel + at least 1hour and 30mins of reserve fuel.