Boeing 777-300ER Dubai to Frankfurt

Aircraft : Boeing 777-300ER
Livery : Emirates
callsign : Emirates 45
cruise : FL340 - FL360
Flight time : 6h16mn
server : expert

park at the gate to get started

taxiing to runway 12L

taking off runway 12L

leaving Dubai

cruising above Turkey

cruising above Austria

approach into Frankfurt

landing runway 25L

taxiing to parking with Moose0308 taking off

park at the gate to finish the flight

thanks to @Moose0308 to be on this topic


Beautiful photos! The iconic palm trees in Dubai always make for quite the sight!

Nice shots !

Nice pictures, the terrain looks so nice!! Nice profile picture ;)

Tell me why I feel like this is some sort of way to compete with @DuncanNL 😂

Amazing Photos!

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I know this one haha.

Hey mate! Can I copy your homework? I’ll change it a little bit!

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what photos is it?

ok, so do you already copy it?

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just maybe

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Nice shots there!

The DuncanL vs VibrantPixel lol


Nice shots!

Just kidding haha, nice shots!

And I don’t copy homework.

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Nice screenshots !