Boeing 777-300ER Calculator

Those who fly the 777-300ER know she can be an absolute joy to fly, and at times if not planned out properly she can be hard to keep under control. Trying to keep the realism alive and Having messed around for a bit and computing some formulas, I have come up with a 777-300ER EFB (of sorts) It will formulate “V Speeds”, Approach Speeds, TOD and has some quick reference speeds… Although the Flight Dynamics aren’t 100% in IF, it does enough of a trick from my testing to get the job done and at the very least add some more realism for those who want it. I thought I would share it with you guys and are more than welcome to try it out and let me know what you think and any suggestions (beware it’s not exactly perfect). I haven’t tried it with the -200 but give it ago if you like, if people like the idea… maybe I will give some other aircrafts a go.

Boeing 777 EFB Spreadsheet

Boeing 777 EFB EXCEL Format (Updated Version)

Happy Flying


It’s a bit odd though…

In regards to? it might show up differently on Excel as I use numbers.

No it’s just weird in Dropbox…

Well there was no other way that i know of to share the file, because i couldn’t upload it directly to the forum, if you have a better way I am all ears


Was the list very extensive?

What sort of file is it?
Is it for OS X only?

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Can you upload it to Google drive? I can’t open it on Dropbox for some reason

Looks pretty good, the speeds seem a little high for the higher weights, but not bad. Very useful.

It is a Numbers File but I can export it as an Excel File if you like!

Yes please!! :)

The Speeds are high at higher weights because it based on Worst Case scenario (Tail Wind) Non Balanced Field, Short Runway Etc (people are crazy with this bird you know ;) )

What do you mean ?

Done (under Excel link)

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Updated Second link in Original Post


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It opens in Google Docs.
I don’t seem to be able to download it.

In the google docs File-> Download As…

It should do the trick

So in order to correctly use the sheet you must need the weights used for it right? Or am I just being weird…

Nope Under the Weight Column you can change the numbers to match yours… the speeds will be formulated, and the TOD calculator you can plug your own numbers in

Ohh I get it, do I need to use the numbers app for that or excel? (^∇^)