Boeing 777-300ER Airspeed Increasing

When I takeoff in the 773 at about 25% load, I rotate at about 145 kts, but see that even at a VS of around 2500 fpm, the airspeed rockets beyond 220 kts and up, within an altitude of 2000 ft. This doesn’t happen with the A-330 or any other aircraft for that matter.

How do I avoid this and make a smooth takeoff? Thanks for your help.

Instead of putting the throttle at 100%, put it to about 60%-70% with N1 being around 70%-80%.

Thank you. Let me try this. My throttles were at about 90% N1.

777 is very powerful with its GE-90 engines ;)

The app also has even more power given to the GE-90

Thank you @Slinger . Worked great when I put the throttles to 75% N1. More control over VS too!

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25% load on any airplane is e trembly light! Rotation should have Been 133ktswith 82% N1

Your welcome. Glad I could help :)

You should increase your load