Boeing 777-300ER: Aircraft Review

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This was the first IAP bought! :)

Was also my first IAP. I was very surprised how much Power the B777 has. I can really recommend the aircraft. Has also a lot of liveries.
Your review: Well done! Really good pictures.
Would be great if you can make a review for the Boeing 767.

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I think the only lack of the IF B77W is the missing main landing gear steering.
And the missing tilting, but that’s with all heavies in the App…

It bothers me that the main aileron doesn’t move. Grrr

It’s called flaperon ;)


This is my favorite aircraft to fly! It is so much fun to fly it!

I love the taxi physics, on the 777 the most.

Yes, very easy to maneuver and very steady!

The only complaint I have to the 777 family in IF… the immobile flaperon.

It should move… like reality. Somehow it feels slightly dull rewatching my landings only to find the wing somewhat stiff.

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is this plane worth to buy? i miss cockpit lights in it

Is it just me or is that the B77W is hard to steer?

I don’t like it that much… I would pick the 747-8…

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I love it with the massive GE90 engines for me It’s not hard to fly either

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I find it wayway too hard to slow down.


Yeah me too

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This plane should get a lot more interest like more liveries and better cockpit

Can’t wait till the 77W gets reworked. Because there’s a KLM livery if I’m not wrong.


There will be a new review once this plane gets upgraded. ;)


it doesn’t have a very good speed a/p