Boeing 777-300 Series Black Line Over the Wing

Recently I came across some CBT videos of my father from the A320 family and 1 from the 777 family about how to taxi properly (he used to be a 777 first officer), and I discovered an interesting feature of the 777-300 series I think not many of you know: A black line over the wings.

The 777-200 series doesn’t have black lines over the wings

The 777-300 series features black lines over the wings

The said black lines have a very ineteresting pourpose: Help the pilot taxi the aircraft. You see, the 777-300 series is so long that Boeing installed a Camera system called GMCS (Ground Maneuver Camera System), which features 1 camera about halfway the fuselage between the main gear and the nose for nose gear view and 2 cameras on the leading edge of their respective horizontal stabilizers for main gear view (and yes, the system corrects for stab trim for correct pointing of the cameras). And that’s where the black line comes in the scene.

The said black line is painted directly over the outer edge of the main gear to help you locate it in adverse ligh conditions acording to that CBT video (although it can obviously be used whenever you wish)

Approximate position of the camera and its view (Port side)

Approximate position of the camera and its view (Startboard side)

Sorry for the quality of the pics, my trash internet wouldn’t allow me to post the full resolution pics


Very interesting topic. Never knew that before! Thanks for sharing :)

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Thank you for sharing! It will help me when taxiing this beast. Regards to the black lines, are these present on the whole fleet or the just the 300?

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I think just the -300 the video doesn’t mention the GMCS for -200 series

Hello there!

Most if not all 777-200s do not have this feature, this includes the ER/LR and Freight variants.

“I believe it has to do with indicating where the MLG is on the cockpit camera displays in low vis operations”. - user Speedbird128

According to a first officer at AA the lines help when taxiing to indicate where the main gear is located on the taxiway. Pilots often use the tail camera when taxiing so the black stripes help indicate where the gear is.

Here’s a link to the forum discussion: Black Stripes On 77W Wings -

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I mean, I’m passing information literally from a 777 CBT video…

Great topic @AvioesEJogos, never knew that before. Thanks for sharing!

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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