Boeing 777-200LR - Going The Distance World Tour

Hello IFC,
As I am sure many of you know, the Boeing 777-200LR completed a world tour touring 24 cities across the globe, one of which was the remarkable Hong Kong (VHHH) to London (EGLL) flight, that flew eastwards instead of westwards.

I know many of you out there know a lot about this sort of thing, and I need some help with a project of mine, so does anybody know the exact route of the 777-200LR world tour that went to those 24 cities?

a few i found

Singapore, Islamabad, Beijing, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, Mexico City, New Delhi, Taipei, Doha and Newark


Here are the other cities, but nothing on the exact routing



Great, thanks for those, certainly some I didn’t know before!

Nearly all of them! Thanks so much!

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