Boeing 777-200LR Fuel Burn

Hello, I’m confused on the fuel burn the 77L has. I departed KATL for EDDS 1 hour and 25 minutes ago. FPLtoIF gave me 57,000 kg of fuel for the flight, but my fuel burn has remained at a steady 3 hours remaining the entire time. Why is this? Will I make it to Stuttgart?


What are the winds like? This honestly sounds like a glitch

66 knot tailwinds. I’m currently directly east of KJFK.

Yeah, that’s really odd. Even if you were at an abnormal altitude (which I’m assuming you’re not) then that extreme amount of fuel burn still wouldn’t add up. According to google the 777-200LR burns approx. 7.5t of fuel per hour (7,500 kg).

Did you verify your fuel amount? 57,000 KG puts you at about 7 hours of flight time. The flight from KATL-EDDS is over 7 hours. Did SimBrief tell you the exact amount of fuel or did they plan for extra?

It looks to me like you didn’t verify your amount. Especially if you take into account the extra fuel burn for your climb.

I find that the estimates are pretty accurate when planning a flight.

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Yeah, 57,000 kg is about 7:30 mins. Not including time for taxi and climb as you said.

FPLtoIF told me 57,000 kg for the flight, so that’s what I put. I normally end up with 5-15% remaining with what it tells me on other flights.

Ok. Remember, FPL isn’t the all-knowing website. Use it as a guide, but try to pack extra.

Fuel flow is 8000 kg and hour. You could always do the math yourself.

Also, what is your fuel flow right now?

How do I check that?

It’s a selection on your bottom menu bar. Should be under the other fuel selections.

~9600 kg/hr

what is your cruise speed?

Yeah. I doubt you’ll make it. You can try though!

You just didn’t plan your fuel accurately. Plus, your fuel flow is over the normal amount. That’s expected when you have departed recently, but you should probably expect at most 6 1/2 more hours of flight. Hope for the best, maybe you’ll make it.

In the future, he sure to verify your fuel amount!

Good luck 👍

Ah, okay. That’s unfortunate. I’ll probably just land in Dublin. Thank you.

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Try and land, Refuel, and continue

How was your step climbing? In the 77L you require little stepclimb on non ULH flights. By 3-4 hrs of maintaining the same flight level you shoudl see at least a 1hr of extra fuel. This is even from me having 7% less fuel burn on Simbrief which is where FPLtoIF draws its data from.

@BadPlane not enough time

@anon2063420 I did not step climb, as I was not that heavy.

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What was the flight level they recommended? Also verify they said KG not LBs

I always have it set to KGs. Recommended FL350.

Hhow many hours in are you in your flight?