Boeing 777-200ER & Boeing 777-300ER Event (@ KLAX, July 30, 1300 Zulu) [ENDED]

The event starts on 30 july at 15:00pm dutch time zone. You can spawn until 15:15pm than it’s photo time and we depart at 15:20 pm.
I crous at 12000ft and fly 300 knts
Server: playground
Plane: boeing 777-200ER. Don’t take the Infinit flight plane becous I take it (than can you see who the leeder is).
Start: KLAX
End : KSAN
I stand on
Terminal: 7
Gate: 70 A plzz dont spawn on that gate.
My callsign: KLM111SUPER
Dont spawn on the gates: 70 A and 72
I sent you guys later the flight plan.
And we end also with an photo at the gate.
If you have questions say that.
With the good winddirection is this ouwer flightplan otherwise i make it just for you guys spawn.
Plzz react if you join the event.

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What time is it in GMT uk time?

The times in other time zones:

Her is an site to help you guys:

Waarom niet?
Why not?

what about EST…what time is that…i want to come

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It begins at 8AM for you on 31 july

FANTASTIC!!..see you there


Your the first and copy my flightplan :smile:

So it: dude

I’ll join classing:Speedbird 001
Can I use the 77-300er

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I`ll join, callsign : DELTA 448

Terminal 7 gate 72 is mine plz don’t spawn there

Is okay and maby you have trouble with ouwer flying speed but i think not.

I have seyd that dey can not spawn at gate 72

Okay, I’m going to join. My call sign: DELTA 1 7 2 5. See you guys there. my gate will be 71B

Never land on 09 at San Diego.

Ok i shange the flightplan :-)

Where? I can’t see

At the top of the topic