Boeing 777-200ER: Aircraft Review

Time for another review. This time we’re reviewing a classic 90’s baby, lets give a warm applause to the Boeing 777-200ER. I would also like to announce this as the first review on my new iPad, so the quality is SO MUCH BETTER! :)


Price: $7.99 (Australian Dollar)

Liveries: 16

Airport Restriction: Charlie


ICAO Designator: B772

MTOW: 656,000lbs
MLW: 470,000lbs

Engines: General Electric GE90

Wake Turbulence Level: High

#Test Aircraft

Airline: Flying Development Studio (2015)
Registration: N1RT
Airport: KPAE


The Boeing 777-200ER is an early variant of the 777 Family. The first 777-200ER was delivered to British Airways in 1997. It shares features with its other younger siblings in the family, especially the -200 and the -300. This airplane was aimed at Trans-Atlantic International routes.

Unlike the 777-200F, 777-200LR and -300ER, this variant of the 777 (Being so early as it was) did not feature raked wingtips, but shared its design with its true siblings, the -200 and the -300. The cockpit looks very dated, closely resembling the 757, 767 and other 777 models in Infinite Flight. Although, it does feature working parts in the cockpit, such as the gear lever and the throttles.

The model for Infinite Flight is very good, but it does require more maintenance. Keeping up with new IF Technology, it should be fitted with an Autoland System, for all those people who can’t land, because they’re too busy caught up in wild acrobatics and crashes (NickChan), it should also feature a fully lighted cockpit as seen on the A320 Family and also Cabin Lights.

#The Bottom Line

This is a very good and detailed 90’s bird. Most people dream of hearing the spooling up of the 777’s engines, but with the new Boeing 787 coming to IF soon (I HOPE) this will be replaced, if you want modern, go with the upcoming 787, it might be better than this girl, but in all end, I want the classic as they have more history and more stories to tell.


Great Review. Great plane to fly.

LOL that’s funny.


Expect more in future Dawud, especially the upcoming 787!

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Only if it has it in real life.

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I’m pretty sure it has Autoland.


Since this is the end of the “Paid Commercial Aircraft” Series (Until the 787), I might have to move to free.

If you mean the APPR button then I’ve checked, there’s no APPR button (which I assume is for Autoland)

@NatIsrael972 What I mean is that it should be added onto it.

Ah yes I see… But looks like Autoland is done first for Airbus aircraft… which well makes perfect sense 😂

The 737-700BBJ has autoland.

Well I don’t have that so I didn’t know

Anyway, stay on topic. Save the 737BBJ discussion until a future review.

Wrong engines… It would be a very nice aircraft if it had the right engine option for each livery.


That will hopefully be fixed in future.

Who is this NickChan i think he’s quite a celeb and indeed a very good instructor i think i can trust him basing on his flight experience

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Fantastic report DJ! Looking forward for your next one (B787) ;)

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I’m really glad you kept Rotate’s reviews going, DJ. I really like them. :)

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Nice review! I would like to see your 787 review soon!

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Are you sure?

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Nick Chan was the forum’s official troller but he is silent now because the mods have banned all of his accts (That they know of…) and his IPs.

And regarding his flight experience, he has none at all. Well, no useful and realistic flight experienece.