Boeing 777-200ER Air France (New Livery 2021)

Thank you^^
I hope they will take this livery into consideration and yes indeed the livery should be quick to produce because there is only little change.

Thanks BayoMan ;)

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Some different view angles !

Source : @airfrancefanpage on his Instagram stories “News”


Wait was there even a change in livery?

Nice livery looking amazing 🤩

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Yes some litlle changes but important for us French. If you want I invite you to see this topic to better understand.

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BEAUTIFUL !!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Such a beauty.

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Definitely !^^

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Is it me or the blue is slightly different than the old one ?

No I think it’s because of the fog that makes this blue.

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Out of votes but you have my support

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Voted! You have my full support!

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Here a video on Twitter who we can see F-GSPP “Montpellier” :)


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It’s extremely nice to see that you are taking part in this adventure, thank you Johanes !^^

I would like to ad the actual AFR 77W livery have some imperfections on the tail and the engines (to fix as a livery update)

humm this one not bad but I prefer the previous one, which is still looking good

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I think that these changes are too minor to focus on right now but it would be cool to see an update sometime in the future!

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Photo taken by @pictures_of_worldaviation on Instagram

F-GSPP with the new livery ;)


It seems that he is operated only on 1 route XD

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A beauty is out

Boeing 777-300ER “Strasbourg” need is own feature


Montpellier departing Orly

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