Boeing 777-200ER Air France (New Livery 2021)

Boeing 777-200ER : F-GSPP “Montpellier”"

Source : @irishspotter on Instagram

New year, new livery!

This year, Air France has decided to update its fleet by repainting it with a new, more elegant and modern livery.
Regarding the new livery, Air France CEO Benjamin Smith has decided to give more importance to the winged seahorse and the grandeur of Air France on the 2021 livery. Only a few changes in text or logo placement have made it possible to achieve this new livery, which is now more modern and adapted to the current livery style.

With this in mind, the first aircraft in the fleet began to be painted in the new livery, the A320 and 318 were the first, followed by the 777.

Concerning the changes on the 777-200ER:

- The “Air France” typography is larger.
- Boeing 777-200ER" is now located at the rear of the aircraft with the Skyteam logo.
- The famous winged seahorse has taken the place and size of the SkyTeam logo.
- The SkyTeam logo is now located at the rear of the aircraft.
- And the Air France KLM group logo has been removed.

If you like this livery, please tell us or vote 🙌✨.
Another thing, if you have pictures, you can post them 😉 .


You have my vote 😉


This would be great to have! Shouldn’t be an impossible change for the aircraft.


Thank you^^
I hope they will take this livery into consideration and yes indeed the livery should be quick to produce because there is only little change.

Thanks BayoMan ;)

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Some different view angles !

Source : @airfrancefanpage on his Instagram stories “News”


Wait was there even a change in livery?

Nice livery looking amazing 🤩

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Yes some litlle changes but important for us French. If you want I invite you to see this topic to better understand.

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BEAUTIFUL !!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Such a beauty.

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Definitely !^^

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Is it me or the blue is slightly different than the old one ?

No I think it’s because of the fog that makes this blue.

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Out of votes but you have my support

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Voted! You have my full support!

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Here a video on Twitter who we can see F-GSPP “Montpellier” :)


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It’s extremely nice to see that you are taking part in this adventure, thank you Johanes !^^

I would like to ad the actual AFR 77W livery have some imperfections on the tail and the engines (to fix as a livery update)

humm this one not bad but I prefer the previous one, which is still looking good

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I think that these changes are too minor to focus on right now but it would be cool to see an update sometime in the future!

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Photo taken by @pictures_of_worldaviation on Instagram

F-GSPP with the new livery ;)