Boeing 777-200 ER and LR

Hey everyone,
I have a few questions that I’ve had for ages based on the differences between the Boeing 777-200 ER and LR aircraft variants…
I would really appreciate it if someone helped me out, thanks!

  • What does ER and LR stand for?
  • What are the physical differences between the aircraft?
  • How come there isn’t a LR variant for the Boeing 777-300?
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ER means Extend range and LR means Long Range that’s my knowledge


The B77W or the B777-300ER has a long enough range for the kinds of routes it’s built for. There just was never the need for an LR version with even more range, hence it was never built.

It might also well be a weight issue if there would be more fuel tanks on the B777-300ER.

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So is LR supposed to be able to fly further than the ER?
That would make sense with the B77W being such a heavy aircraft.

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The wings and gear are different on the LR . The LR wing is 13 feet longer in span and features raked wingtips / rakelets. The LR also has a new main landing gear but it would be hard to tell from a distance. Also, the engines are different, as all LRs have GE90s.


As far as I am aware, yes. See Qatar’s Auckland flight as an example, which used a B777-200LR.

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Excellent! Thank you!

Yeah… and Emirates don’t have any ERs… it make a lot of sense.

The original or “A market” 777 variants were the 777-200, 777-300, and 777-200ER. The 777-300 was a stretch of the 777-200 and the ER was a long range version of the 777-200.

The 777-200LR, 777-200F, and 777-300ER were the “B market” 777 variants and were essentially an NG version of the original 777, similar to the relationship between the 737 Classic and 737NG. They featured more powerful and more efficient engines, aerodynamic improvements, improved tech, and a MTOW increase. The 777-200LR was the base model, with the 777-300ER being a stretch and the F model being the freighter version of the 200LR.

Think of it as 2 separate aircraft families in that sense, the Classic 777 and the revamped 777NG family.

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Thanks everyone! This has really helped out…

  • ER = Extended range and LR = Long range
  • Landing gear, wing span, engines and fuel tanks
  • The B77W is too heavy to carry extra fuel tanks in order to have an LR model.

Well explained, thanks dan!
This has really helped me out.

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