Boeing 772LR in Gibraltar! [VIDEO]

A few days ago I had made this flight and I shared with you the photographs (Photos), some wanted proof of how it was the landing in Gibraltar with this giant of the skies and I decided to make a video of how the flight was.

I hope you enjoy it and comment on what you liked the most, wait for more videos of the great world tour that I will do with this my favorite plane.


Is this an actual airline and is there a place I can find routes? Or do I just fly it wherever I want?

Also nice video!


Hello, Crystal is a charter so basically you can fly any route you like :)

Oh that’s cool.

So I could fly Anchorage to some random place in idk, Georgia (the tiny European country) if I want?


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Yes friend, you can fly wherever you want with this plane, that’s why I usually do World Tours