Boeing 767 Weight & Balance

In real life, the Boeing 767-300 has a MTOW of 158,760 kg, and the Boeing 767-300ER has a MTOW of 186,880 kg. In-game, the Boeing 767-300 has a MTOW of 186,880 kg, which is incorrect as it is the Boeing 767-300 not the ER.

The MLW is also messed up. The Boeing 767-300 has 136,078 kg while the Boeing 767-300ER has 145,150 kg. In-game the MLW of the Boeing 767-300 is the same as the Boeing 767-300ER in the real world.


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They mixed the 767-300 and the 767-300ER in the game, and they can’t have two different sets of specifications for one aircraft.

They also make the max passengers 204. Should be far more.

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