Boeing 767 Soft Rework

They did it with the A330 in 2019 so I’d think so


They also added wingflex and a couple of liveries, but I’d be happier with ground effect.


Soft Rework in my opinion could be adding the following:

  • Updated Cockpit (We already have the 757 making it rather similar and easy).

  • Gear Tilt

  • Wing Flex

  • Updated Graphics

  • Liveries

  • Updated Physics

These of course are just going off of what was brought to us with the 737, A320, and A330 soft reworks. To be honest, I’d rather wait for a complete rework for the full satisfaction.


A full rework would be lovely, but they’ve already put two planes on the list to get fully reworked. It’s gonna be a minute and I think it’s unfair for this aging plane to just go to waste

You have my vote sir! Good luck!

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Thank you my good sir ✊🏾😊


I would love to see the 767 get the same treatment that the 737 has gotten over the years

Ground effect
Wing flex
Updated liveries
And all capped off with the cockpit from the 757


These things would indeed be lovely. We can make this happen if you drop a vote ✊🏾😊

oh fixing the tailskid animation would also be great

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Can we make 10 votes by the end of this week??

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Let’s try 5?

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Eh, I doubt we’re getting it. I would love to see the whole plane reworked before summer next year.

Same here, but people wanted the E jets reworked first 🤦🏾‍♂️

Let’s be honest, the Ejets have a JPEG for cockpit, while the B767 has a more “modern” image. And it doesn’t have the nose down pitch while cruising the B757 had before its rework.



I’d expect an A320 or 737-style rework if a soft rework was to happen. Live cockpit, wingflex, gear tilt (like the 748), ground effect and possibly several new liveries (similar to the A330 soft rework.) I believe that the cockpit won’t be a big challenge since it’s essentially the same as the one on the 757.


What’s so hard of what I said? The cockpit of the 767 looks more modern than the JPEGS of the Ejets.

They both were trash images until 21.1, when the E-Jets got an “upgrade” with the lights

This is exactly what I, and possibly us all, want to see!!

Well, since we’re talking about the 757, the 767 should’ve gotten reworked with the 757 since they are identical enough to be flown at the same time by pilots under the same type rating. I think it would be quite easy tbh. Correct the door configurations, gear tilt, and sounds from the 757 rework…