Boeing 767 Soft Rework

This is not a duplicate request
This request is literally what the title is. The fans of the Boeing 767-300 were hurt once we found out that the 767 wouldn’t get reworked with its brother plans (757). What we are requesting is some minor touch ups to the plane. Being that the plane will be retired within the next 10 years, we are hoping that we can get some minor things accomplished before the plane is retired and flying it wouldn’t be realistic. Here are the few features that we are requesting…

  • Gear tilt
  • Correct door configurations (there are too many doors on the 767. Most only have 2 on each side. Front and rear)

These are the two simple things that I think should be added at the LEAST. Moderators and developers, I ask you to please take this into consideration before you close this request. All these modern planes that have at least 20 years left are being added, and the older planes are slowly dying off without being reworked. Look at the 717, 747, A380 etc. We can’t let the beautiful 767 go without love.

Changing the doors would require changing the model, and this wouldn’t be part of a ‘soft rework’ as it’s major work 🙂


I agree with Misha about the doors. But bro. If it had gear tilt that all I need i don’t even care about a live cockpit


Not really, he probably means a change in the livery with the correct door configurations since the doors, well, aren’t actually doors.

Here’s how most United 767s look like


And here is how it is in IF

On another note not necessairly directed to Misha, a wingflex would be great as well


This is exactly what I mean!!! Thanks for clearing that up for me ✊🏾


After doing some research I found that some IF B767-300/ER have some identical fuselage from a B767-400/ER with winglets but same size with -300/ER. Which I think it is inaccurate.

Here is the IRL:



IF B767-300/ER

I think that was meant for the inaccurate door configuration.

@AvioesEJogos But like as Misha said, It needs to fully rework on the fuselage itself to have a accurate door configuration.


It’s just a livery, tbh. Or a paint job


You clearly did not read what I posted then

Also some -300s did have the 4 door layout, such as BA’s


Edit: those are old B767-300 that have 8 exit doors (non wing exit). Most airlines are still using 8 exit doors (2 wing emergency exit) and BA doesn’t operate B767’s anymore

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Yes, just that it isn’t exclusive to the -400ER


Does adding ground effect count as a soft rework?

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They did it with the A330 in 2019 so I’d think so


They also added wingflex and a couple of liveries, but I’d be happier with ground effect.


Soft Rework in my opinion could be adding the following:

  • Updated Cockpit (We already have the 757 making it rather similar and easy).

  • Gear Tilt

  • Wing Flex

  • Updated Graphics

  • Liveries

  • Updated Physics

These of course are just going off of what was brought to us with the 737, A320, and A330 soft reworks. To be honest, I’d rather wait for a complete rework for the full satisfaction.


A full rework would be lovely, but they’ve already put two planes on the list to get fully reworked. It’s gonna be a minute and I think it’s unfair for this aging plane to just go to waste

You have my vote sir! Good luck!

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Thank you my good sir ✊🏾😊


I would love to see the 767 get the same treatment that the 737 has gotten over the years

Ground effect
Wing flex
Updated liveries
And all capped off with the cockpit from the 757


These things would indeed be lovely. We can make this happen if you drop a vote ✊🏾😊

oh fixing the tailskid animation would also be great

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