Boeing 767 Rework

I think it’s operated by a Cargo Qatar Airways

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Can we hit 650 by the weekend?!

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never seen one tbh…

I voted…

you might be confusing with the A332F or 777F

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We got 2 more votes! I think we can make it to 650!

Good Morning guys and gals if we have any here in the community. I would like help to get my votes up on my 767-300 livery request so it can be considered once an update for this beautiful bird is announced. Below I will leave the link if anyone is willing to help a brother out.

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It would also be awesome if they could add a Caribbean Airlines, 767-300ER, American Airlines and United 767-200ERs

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Gorgeous retro livery!

Ive always loved that TWA livery, so sad TWA is gone now

The Current Big Three back in the day


Yes we need all those 3 and TWA!

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Yeees, it’s very needed, today we can see lots of 767 on our skies, mainly as a cargo, so it would be fantastic to have a new B767 with two variants in IF! 😊😁

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This landing is a strong reason to have LOT livery of this amazing aircraft in IF 😊

Imagine Casual Server 🤣

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Also Training at EGLL 😂

If they’ll do it like Captain Wrona did - I can look at that !

I know its already ingame but I hope they remove the winglets when its reworked


Yes, no winglets 😂

Last flight of the Gimli Glider