Boeing 767 Rework

I would love to see this beauty also in-game when the 767-300 gets reworked



Any American Airlines livery is always great! 😂

Oh, the new livery on the AA 763. I really wanted that in IF, shame they retired them already. Wonder where the photo was taken, maybe Philadelphia?

A livery list for all of the liveries on the B763 I feel would work well within the Simulator with a rework! (excluding liveries already on B763)

Air Canada Rouge

Air Niugini

American Airlines (New Livery)

Atlas Air


Azur Air


Delta Airlines (Skyteam Livery)



Japan Airlines


MIAT Mongolian Airlines

Omni Air International

Prime Air

United Airlines (New Livery)

United Airlines (Star Alliance Livery)




Credit to Jetphotos for all pictures!


Honestly, I like the 767 more than the 757

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They are pretty much the same aircraft. The 767 was just built for higher demand and further distance. That’s what make them such great aircraft. It would be awesome if they were both reworked together.

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I don‘t think they look the same. The 767 is much more beautiful compared to the 757.

I didn’t say that they looked the same 😂
They were just built together

@KTJ_Mitchell don‘t forget these


@Jacob_Layton I know that they were built together but the design is still not the same haha


True, but they kind of are, just not with the looks of the aircraft

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I really hope they make a new fuel efficient 767! It would be so cool! All they need is an updated cockpit and newer engines. (Well that’s the main issues)
We need this rework!

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Nah … full rework needed :) maybe after the A330/340

I meant IRL. But in IF DEFINITELY a full rework

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I would love to see this dhl polar livery

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Make sure to give photo creds.

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What are the photo creds.

Where you got the photo

From Safari.

You’re supposed to link it on the picture
Just for the future
Ex: Death by Coconut

I hope to add the Air China B767-300ER livery!

Because Infinite Flight is no livery of airlines company of Mainland China in B767-300.

This image credits to Wikipedia.

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