Boeing 767 Rework

The second picture. The bottom half of the flight deck is like the 777 and the overhead is like the 757.

I’m sorry but how is it too big? The 777F is based on the smallest variant of the 777 (-200LR)

Trust me… get an airport job you’ll see the size difference inside and out of both planes.

The 200LR is actually on the bigger side. The smallest 777 in the game is the -200ER. But the smallest variant of them all in actuality, is the mere 777-200, which is a couple tons lighter than the -200ER.

what about -200ERʻS With the same engines of the -200? Such as UALʻs -222ʻs and the -222ʻER?

Oh sorry I was mistaken, but still compared to the -300 series, it’s considerably smaller.

Or, alternatively, spawn in at some airport with a 777 and ask for a friend to spawn in with a 767 next to you.

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777-300 Next to a 767-300


Correct. So in that regard, there is virtually no difference between the two at all, besides the nameplate of course. Generically though, the 777-200 is the generally smaller aircraft, since a number of models produced did not consist of the same engines used on the -200ER, therefore making the MTOW much lighter, along with the range and thrust per engine being much less. However the body frame of the two are the exact same.

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No worries at all. And yes, I can certainly agree that the -200 variants are undisputedly smaller than the -300 variants lol.

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UPS 767-300(F) At Kahului, Maui! Creds:


KC-767 also 😉


Boeing 767

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