Boeing 767 Freighter

Boeing 767 Freighter


The Boeing 767 is one of the most successful aircraft to have ever taken to the skies! Many Cargo operators still use this particular aircraft to this day, (Mainly after she’s been retired from passenger use).

I don’t just hope for the 767 to have a full rework soon, but I really hope this aircraft gets added to that list. Not only myself, but I know a few people who really enjoy flying the 767 aircraft and are hoping to soon fly the cargo version of this great bird. Plus, I’ve seen a few new VO/VA’s come to life featuring Cargo Aircraft. In my opinion, I would love to see more Cargo aircraft added to IF. In doing this, I would love to see more Cargo VA/VO also being added to the community. I would also like to see the physics being updated on this amazing bird as well as opening cargo doors, updated liveries to suit the cargo variant and much more.

I’ve spoken to many people about this and they would not only love to see the 767 reworked but a cargo extension to this aircraft. I myself, are in the midst of creating a Cargo VO. This VO isn’t just another VA which flies other cargo aircraft. The VO is merely an extension to the cargo community on IF. In doing so, I hope to partner up with VO/VA’s which do operate Cargo aircraft, such as FedEx VA and DHL. To create a cargo community platform, as Oneworld has done. Anyway, enough about me blabbing on about the cargo VA topic.

767F Characteristics

  • Wingspan of 47.51/156ft 1inch
  • Height of 15.85m/52ft
  • Length of 54.94m/ 180ft 3in
  • Payload of 52,480kg/115,700LBS
  • Range 3,255nmi

Requested features

  • Opening/closing cargo bay door
  • Interactive cockpit
  • Wing flex
  • Only weight & balance
  • Updated liveries (See below for a list)


  • ABX Air
  • ANA
  • Amerijet International
  • Asiana Airlines
  • ATLAS Air
  • Cargojet
  • DHL
  • Qantas Freight
  • FedEx Express
  • LATAM Cargo
  • Polar Air Cargo
  • Royal Air Morac
  • Star Air
  • TAM Cargo
  • UPS Airlines
  • Uzbekistan Airways
  • Prime Air

If you find any liveries in-which I missed please PM me!

I would love it if this wasn’t just added to the 767 section but for it to have its’ own cargo section. As the 767 is an iconic aircraft and I think it would make a great addition to the rest of the cargo fleet IF has to offer

You da man Luke!

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Voted! The 767 is in desperate need of a rework. Hopefully it will get some love of the devs soon

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Im voting for this! I always wanted to try and fly one of FedEx’ south east asian route which is ZGGG-RPLL and its almost always operated by a 767F.

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Thanks man! I whole heartedly agree! :)

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Nice! I love Fedex as well! I really love this aircraft and I would love to see a rework on this! especially with an interactive cockpit!

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Love to see the 767 freighter as well. It would be great to feature animated cargo and passenger doors when opening and closing.


Thanks man! I love this aircraft as well!

Finally a rework and i hope personally they do add the qantas freight livery. You’ve got my vote @Luke_L

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Thanks man!

Please comment if I’ve missed any aircraft. Thanks for voting!

Definitely needed! 767 rework and this!!

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Bump. We need another Boeing Cargo aircraft!

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