Boeing 767 Cockpit

Since when is the Boeing 767 cockpit removed, im sure that we had it in the past. Can anyone clarify?

I don’t think there was a cockpit in the 767 before, I’m not 100% sure. Anyways, if you want it comes back you can remove this topic to #features

You can see it using free cam, but there was a cockpit view before and now it is only the default HUD view.

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I never flown the 767, soo I don’t realy know. But please make this topic to a #features topic.

This view was removed about a year ago due to the quality as one of our legacy aircraft. It will not return unless the aircraft itself is fully reworked. Thanks!


We sadly lost to the A380 🥲 but theres always next time!

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Thanks! This thread may be closed