Boeing 767 cockpit windows

Ignore the bar. Does anyone know why the 767 has the metal parts vertical going outside?

The 767 is a very old model. Therefore there maybe some issues with the structure.


I havent had an issue on the E-Jets so i cant see this as a reason

There obviously isn’t a reason why we have this issue. It was not done on purpose. What I am trying to say is, the 757, 767, A330, A340, A380, ERJs are old aircraft and may have modeling issues, the devs will fix them when get on to the aircraft.

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This is indeed the reason. The 767 is different from the E-jets so you cannot compare the two. It will be addressed during a rework.

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They are both forgotten planes. Thats how they are similar.

Not forgotten. But not remodeled, yet.
The ERJ’s are more recent than the 767.

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So any idea why this is happening? Havent seen it to the CS767 and thats pretty old

I think the point they are trying to say is this a separate issue related to just the 767 and not any other older aircrafts.

So there is no fix till the rework which could be years?

I love flying the E-jets and the 757 and 767 A340 and so on
if Infinite flight have them I fly them, and there are many more view of the Beautiful plane than the cockpit, Right now I am flying from KLAX-KJFK in a delta 767 and it is a Beautiful plane

No there is not. I do not believe this is a very critical issue as there are a lot more important things Devs are focusing on at the moment.

It is critical. The whole realism is destroyed do i fly lookin at the tail now?

If those bars really ruin the realism for you than don’t fly the 767. Personally I don’t think this is a very major issue, like many other people here. If you are really keen for a rework vote here :

Boeing 767 Rework

I believe we shouldn’t put too much pressure on the devs by finding minor issues and arguing that they are very critical and important. They are doing their best to improve the game.

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It’s as simple as this: it’s an old model from eight years ago. Don’t expect it to get fixed immediately as it will be addressed in a rework. If you’re concerned we can’t do anything but wait for a rework to fix it. Until then I’d find an aircraft to sub the 767 if I was that concerned about it.

Sidenote: Realism? There is little to no realism about the 767, I think the cockpit is a more pressing issue than a model error.

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Will be addressed when reworked.