Boeing 767/757 light rework

So after Yesterdays poll the I learned that a 757/767 rework maybe longer than expected
so for those out there who like these two planes this is a quick fix to keep us satisfied until a full rework can be done

What I’m requesting

  • Liveries

  • updated physics

Be nice but not necessary

  • Wingflex


  • New Model

  • New graphics

  • New cockpit

  • new interior

  • gear tilt
    These would be included with a full rework(S)
    if you want to support those vote on the their topics
    Boeing 757 Rework
    Boeing 767 Rework
    Liveries for 757-200
    Azur Air VP-BYC
    Turkmenistan Airlines EZ-A010
    Blue Dart VT-BDM
    Fedex N778FD
    Liveries for 767-300
    TAM Brasil-PT-MSV
    Condor D-ABUZ
    Ukraine international airliners UR-GEB
    ANA JA623A
    American New livery N390AA
    Amazon Air N311A
    UPS N301UP
    FedEx N139FE
    LATAM cargo N534LA

Keep in mind this is a soft rework so there are not that many liveries, just most popular

topic links to catch up on info about the Two planes



One feature per request.

Otherwise, this is a great idea but I’m unable to vote due to lack of votes.

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You linked two topics that are reworks of the same so I think that this is unfortunately a duplicate.


I grouped them together because they do have the same type rating, according to pilots they fly vey similar.

It’s a light rework not a full. Like what they did with the A330 recently.

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no this is a soft rework those topics are for a full rework

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Iv’e flagged the topic and will see what the staff say!

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thanks for doing that i want to see what thy have to say

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Be nice if a moderator can approve this or the chat will be constantly arguing if it’s a duplicate !


yes lol then I don’t have to be that one guy

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This is not a duplicate, but the issue here is the 2 requests in 1 topic is not allowed.

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any news from the staff

I don’t think a light rework is enough for these. They need a lot more than just small touch ups. They’d need to be fully redone, especially the 757.

Just my opinion.

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Hopefully they will say something in chat! or either you can pm one of them for approval!

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So does the A330. It still got a light rework.

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The A330 was in better condition than the 757 though. Now it’s in much better condition than it was and better than the 757.

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That’s debatable, and here isn’t the place for that debate. You can pm me on DLVA if you want to have that debate ;).

Guys let’s get back on topic.

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I have PM’d at Moderator hopefully they reply soon

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So basically what happened to the 737 but on the 757? Sounds good to me