Boeing 767-400ER

Boeing 767-400ER


With Global and long haul flights here, I feel that this would be a valuable asset to Infinite Flight.

About the aircraft:

Designed to replace A300’s, A310’s, and L-1011’s, the Boeing 767-400ER first began service with Continental Airlines in 2000. A total of only 37 aircraft were delivered, 16 to Continental and 21 to Delta Airlines. There was one more made, but was sold as a private VIP jet. The 767-400’s are still in service today with no sign of retirement anytime soon. They are mainly used on long haul flights, or charters for sports teams.
Some things that set this apart from the 767-300ER are raked wingtips, increased passenger capacity, larger water tanks, extended length, new interior, and newer flight deck.


Cruising Speed: 517 MPH (832 KMH)
Range: 6,336 miles (10,197 KM)
Passenger Capacity: 246
Length: 201 feet 4 inches
Wingspan: 170 feet 4 inches
Height (tip of tail to ground): 55 feet 4 inches (16.87 m)
MTOW: 450,000 lb (204,120 kg)
MLW: 350,000 lb (158,760 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 24,140 gallons (91,377 liters)

Aircraft Operators:

Delta Airlines (21 in service)
United Airlines (16 in service)
Private (1)

In addition, there are multiple liveries. The private one, Delta, Delta Breast Cancer, Delta’s old livery, United, United Star Alliance, and Continental.

Sources Used:

Wikipedia Boeing Airways News Delta United

Hello and Goodmorning RTG! While you made an amazing post and you have allot of substance in it, I found a similar one and that one also has tons and tons of substance and it has info about the 767-400ER as well. Warm regards, Chief305!


Yes, the 767-400 should definitely come in the re-work. But, I have permission from a moderator to make this thread and I feel that the thread you linked does not have sufficient info about the -400, only lists the operators. Thanks!


Well in that case great request, love the amount of detail you put in this post. I myself would want the 767 to have a rework as well as to have the 400ER Included, I see allot of 76’s coming in and out of Miami all the time. Will give it a vote.
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That would be a great addition to IF and should definitely come with a 757/767 rework. :)


A 767 rework would be nice. As the aircraft is an “in between aircraft” meaning it’s a perfect aircraft to take on shorter routes, as well as longer routes. And it’s not as big as the 777.


The private 767-400er is a Bahrain Amiri Flight private jet for the royal family of Bahrain and other executives.


Definitely would like to see this plane added, especially in the new Delta BCRF livery 😉. A few of my family members died from cancer. Just voted for this plane.


These are the most notable special liveries on the 764:


N845MH (old)

N845MH (new)

United Star Alliance

United Broncos livery (not a fan)

Other notable older liveries include:
House (Classic)
House (leading the way)
Delta Wavy Gravy


Wow! I see these all the time in Houston! I love this plane! Voted!

I didn’t even know this aircraft existed until now 😂😂😂

I’m surprised that this wasn’t already requested.



Can’t vote for it if the topic is closed?

It had been requested, although it was closed.

Would love this aircraft in IF! I wish it had more operators.

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It’s got raked wingtips,like the 777s

Would love to fly this aircraft in the game! Really great for transatlantic flights!

We also need this livery
Credit to Aviation-Spotting


This delta livery has yet to show its face in the game. Would love to see this livery as well!

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I hope rework comes soon for these old planes…