Boeing 767-33A ‘The Bandit’

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As the old topic got closed, I thought about creating a new one :)
If there is a 767 rework in the future I hope this “bandit“ gets added, too.

About the owner:

The owner is Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch who is very, very, very rich.

About the plane:

So it‘s seems like a normal Boeing 767 but it‘s way more expensive and has some really cool specials (for example: it has the same security system as Air Force One).
His new jet is said to be one of the safest in the world with an array of protection features that include a military grade missile detection system. So maybe he‘s a bit afraid of loosing his plane which is understandable: It costs $270 Million.
Well, I can only repeat it … it‘s very, very, very expensive.

Oh, well time to see it


Ahh, this black cockpit looks soo good and a bit serious, too :)
This plane is THE real beauty of all 767s ✈️

So tell me: Do you like it ?
If yes I would appreciate a vote so that we can see this bandit in the air !
I mean this is a real bandit … it steals all your money with 1 flight 😂

Bye !

Voted. It’s one of the best 767 liveries I’ve ever seen!


I agree i love boeing aircraft in general and that was a good call


Beautiful livery! I would just LOVE to fly this. Unfortunately, I’m out of votes.

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And voted!


2 votes left to 10 :)

Gave you a vote because this livery is amazing! 👌

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Ah, I love this livery. Thank you for making a new thread.

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