Boeing 767-300ER Ethiopian airlines livery

Boeing 767-300ER registration: ET-ALO
source: ET-ALO - Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER at Frankfurt | Photo ID 165987 | (

Ethiopian airlines is an airline owned by the ethiopian government. Founded back in 1945 and started service in 1946. Part of the star alliance, it serves 125 passengers destinatons, 20 domestic and 44 cargo ones. Its ranked 4th largest airline by number of countries served.
Source: Ethiopian Airlines - Wikipedia

Great feature request. If the 767 gets a rework i’d love to see it. You got my vote!

thank you so much for the support

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How much features have you made?!

This looks amazing no it’s more better than amazing!

But the bad thing is I don’t have infinte flight pro, so I wont be able to try it.

Just hoping for people that do have infinte flight pro, that they will add this livery in . Or they aready had this livery added in.

Yes some aircrafts have this livery

Do the 767-300ER Have that livery?

No it does not. That’s why I’m requesting it

Ok got it @Gaming_sniper

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Glad u understood

Ok I’ll just go read some more messages, have a good day @Gaming_sniper

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let’s get more votes for this beautiful livery when the B767 gets a rework soon hopefully.

I’ll try to let people vote for this livery @Gaming_sniper

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