Boeing 767-300 Varig

Boeing 767-300 Varig

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A mais querida dos Brasileiros!
Or “The most beloved of Brazilians”, Varig still misses, it would be interesting and very sentimental revive this company in our simulator, I do not have many years of life but I lived a little with Varig and one of the airplanes I flew was precisely this B767- 300
It is of great value to older Brazilians to have this painting on Infinite Flight, meaning and brings many good things to our minds.
This painting was the last one we saw under the name Varig, and in my opinion the most beautiful it ever had. Came bankrupt with one of the most beautiful paintings.
So it came through this feature for who knows, to have it in our simulator with a 767 rework or maybe before, if luck is in our favor.

handsome! 🤩

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Voted, i hope see this!


Wrong livery, that was a VRG’s B767.
As strange it looks like, this livery was made after Varig’s bankrupt.
VRG is a airline founded to operate the old aircrafts from Varig.
It only uses its name in liveries, but its completely different from the original VARIG (Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense)

Same thing happed with Tam, Lan and Latam.

Under the management of GOL, Varig continued independently for a few months, resuming national and international routes until, in November 2007, the companies’ structures were unified with Gol incorporating the corporate name VRG Linhas Aereas S/A. The Varig brand can still be seen until August 2014, when the last aircraft were painted in GOL’s colors. The reason was GOL’s financial crisis after the purchase of WebJet. Currently, the rights to the Varig brand are owned by Smiles S.A.

Sorry to say it but , that is not the right varig livery

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This was the last livery with the Varig brand. The company changed its corporate name, something that is usually done in Brazil when the company goes through several owners, which was the case of Varig, but the fancy name and the brand followed the same, Varig.

IFC rules are clear.

Ceased operations 19 Oct 2008

His last painting was this

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Sorry to say it ist the same thing , the real varig liv its the that we have in the 777 , i know its changed the ownership and all that stuff.

But the real deal its the blue belly , that full size Golden wind rose

Well i tried ,i dont like so much this liv , but if the 767 wins the pole you will got my vote.😉


Yes, I understand your point of view and I support and vote if 76 wins. But the IF rules tell us that, that the last livery of the company is the one that is taken into question. Despite being under new management, this was Varig’s last livery. So much so that the media at the time called it Varig, as that is and has always been the name of the company.

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Here is a article that explains better the situation of that livery: this is VRG Airlines, not Varig.

I’m pretty sure it won’t be accepted devs, I see the same name still, VARIG. As much as it is VRG Airlines, the trade name remains VARIG

TAM and LATAM is a beautiful example that they will not get the old painting

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Again… The brand is Varig, the only difference was the new owners and consequently the company’s name. So much so that the media and its passengers kept calling it Varig.

Sooner see the other Varig, but who cares