Boeing 767-300 Tutorial

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300.

Weight: Normal.

Take off: 45% with 5° of flaps, 30% with 15° of flaps.
A/P-Manual: 20%.
Landing: 45% at 150kts, 55% at 145kts.

Long runway: 5° with 45% of trim.
Short runway: 15% with 30% of trim.

Flaps and altitueds for landing:
1°: 235kts.
5°: 220kts.
15°: 195kts.
20°: 185kts.
25°: 170kts.
30°: 165kts.

Landing speed:
150kts with 45% trim.
145kts with 55% trim.

Flare: 30ft.
Idle throttle: 10ft.

Criticism welcome.


Thanks for the tutorial. The plane uses high percentage of trim? Why??

The heavier they are, the more trim needed to avoid pulling your device towards your stomach. An exception would be the 747.

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Does the 763 in IF have realistic physics?

I don´t know. It might have them, since its newer than the 757,which flies nose down and this one doesn´t, but has the same interior model.

Ahh okay. Thanks

You´re welcome.

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