Boeing 767-300 or Boeing 777-200ER

I want to buy a new airplane today and just wanted personal opinions on what you guys opinion on the Boeing 767-300 or the Boeing 777-200ER

Poll time!

  • B777-200ER
  • B767-300

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I suggest the 777, as I love all 777’s. The flight model is also pretty good.

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For me, I will choose B777-200ER Instead :)

The 767-300 just looks so good

i would pick the 767 because it is smaller and has winglets that go along with it

How smaller is it because I was in the 737-700 and seen the 767-300 and it looked huge I fly the 777-300ER all the time

like 100-150 seats less

I´ll keep repeating myself: buy the one you most like.


or buy Live+ then you have all what you need :)

It’s worth noting that the 777-200ER has a notably higher quality cockpit than the 767. Throttles, spoilers and flaps are animated inside the cockpit, and its overall much nicer.


Because its newer.

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I´d first buy some regions on Solo, just to practice, then you can buy Live+.

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I’m sure that we all know what @B767fan would choose


I choose the 777-200ER!

Nah, I’m a Boeing 767 fan (See my username).


Obviously! Its your name on this community! : )


Isn’t that the cockpit of a 777 in your profile picture? ;)

I suggest you the 767 since the IF 772 has got wrongly sized engines.

How do you make son thing???

777-200er for sure

What will be easier to land ? 777-200ER or 767-300

The 772ER.