Boeing 757

Am I the only one who struggles to land the 757 are do other people have this same issue??

The flight model, physics, and overall design are poor. The aircraft will most likely be reworked in the future.

You can vote for the rework here:


It’s a difficult question to answer. If you fly it a lot, you’ll know how to land it but here’s the thing, no one really flies it anymore because of it’s horrendous physics, graphics and quality (as Dylan mentioned above). Anyways to answer your question. Yes it is very difficult to land. I tried it a few weeks ago and I had to push the nose down to about -7 degrees just to get -900 vs. Maybe it’s because I rarely use trim but I was at 145knots, full flaps and gear down. For now I would recommend to not fly this aircraft until it gets reworked


Here’s how I view it:

While the B757 has very unrealistic physics, all you have to do really is just use your brain, and skills in landing other planes. During approach, the B757 always approaches at a negative angle, so what I do is I lower my speed as much as its needed in order to achieve that 3 degree glide slope. No, your airplane won’t stall.

So basically all you need is skills, and logics, and you wont have a problem with landing at all!

Once you learn how to handle the B757, you’ll realize that its actually rather fun to fly it! :D

Blue skies, and happy flying!

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It just takes practice. You’ll get it eventually

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Slow it down to 132KIAS

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