Boeing 757 Rework


I do prefare the classic cockpit style. Got the chance before 9/11 to have a look in it and talk to the pilots during a 4 1/2 hour flight. The captain did let me even take a seat on the left side.


I agree, if we get a rework, i hope for the Classic cockpit, and not the cockpit that the guy over me posted


Boosting this because this aeroplane is a classic and such a work 🐎 most of them today that are in service are over 20 years old


Wait it isn’t qualified to do that right?!


Actually quite disappointed since this summer the 75 will no longer have a regularly scheduled flight to KPIT :(


Community, please consider voting for the Boeing 757 rework. The 757 is a significant and iconic aircraft that is in dire need of a physics upgrade (top priority) along with graphics improvements. It’s one of Infinite flights original aircraft and one of the greatest.

I sincerely hope that FDS considers giving this great airplane the update it deserves.


Don’t have many votes to spare, and had to choose to vote for the 767 or the 757. Had to choose the 767, but I still would be equally happy if this was reworked. So I support this!


Looks very interesting


Yes I agree. I always fly the 757 and notice how it isn’t very up to date. I think this would be a great rework in IF!


I feel like this plane would really stand out among the rest in terms of quality and quantity (liveries). The list is endless of possible liveries that the 757 wore/wears.

2 other additions to the 757 that would put it over the top would be scimitar winglets and the B753. One, a small detail, the other, anything but that.


would be cool to have a Boeing 757 Trump Livery


When we fly with the Boeing 757 we see the great need for rework in this aircraft.


I do honestly think the b757 is the worst aircraft in infinite flight. It take about 25% + engine power for it even move. The NAV mode for me keeps on failing etc. It does feel this aircraft is the dusty toy in the bottom of the play box. All this aircraft needs is some TLC and this aircraft will be great again.


Wouldn’t people be offended?


this plane has been out since 2013 with a horrible cockpit and flight characteristics are way which they have know for years but choose to ignore…so when you talk about “not anytime soon”…you are way off…long over due


Definitely meeds a rework, maybe together with 767 since 757 and 767 were introduced at the same time


That would be amazing! The 757 is such a pretty plane, which is sadly getting retired and replaced, so it would be nice to get it in IF whilst the plane is still popular and in use.


This is great! After we do I don’t have to go 40% speed just to taxi…


Ahahahaha I know right! Also with the rework they would add some great liveries.


I hope this comes! Its my favorit plane