Boeing 757 Rework


I think i haven’t flown it! It was just horrific graphics so i left it alone…


You really should fly it at least once to understand how much the 757 does need a rework!


Correct! I try it again yesterday it was horrible…😐


And that’s such a shame for that awesome bird.


I hope when it might get reworked the Allegiant livery stays


Wouldn’t be against it as long as they do add the condor 90s livery and/or the condor Rizzi Bird special livery as well. 😄


I definitely wouldn’t be against the Trump livery, I’m not saying he’s a good or bad person, but damn, that is one hell of a nice livery.


At least he does have a good taste in terms of airplanes.

First the 727 then the 757 and now the VC-25. 😂


I hope for the jet2 livery and a 757-300 tbh thats the only 757 i want is a -300😂 its such a cool plane


Got my vote hopefully it will happen.


The 757 looks so blurry!


The Boeing 757 needs the je2,com livery. no idea why has been missed out.


why this isn’t already in infinite flight … i am baffed.


Nice picture.

The 757 and/or the 767 should be the aircraft to get a rework after the turboprop GA aircraft.


The 757 ACTUALLY needs the TCS livery.



Im with you on that…🖒


LOL the tail looks like the Tecate logo. Subliminal messaging? thinks yes.


Also the cokpits could be re-done because i looked on Google and it didn’t look anything like Infinte Flights



This is the classic 757-cockpit


I would like to see a 757 rework, I’ve been flying the 757 since I was playing IF on my iPod and now since I’m more familiar with IF I would like to see an improved 757 and maybe the 757-300