Boeing 757 Rework

Actually 4 years, but either way it’s been way too long of a wait for a rework


I remember when last year this thread only had vote totals in the 300s. We’ve come a long way! #Reworkthe757

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Yup! When the voting ended for IF’a next aircraft, we were at 330 votes. We’ve come a long way! Just hope the devs are noticing it and how much love the 757 is getting! The 757 is and will always be my favorite. Hopefully going to get to go on 4 later this year!

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Wow… 818 votes, incredible!

Exactly, @TylerShah . Couldn’t agree more 😃

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The Delta 757-200 without winglets would be nice tbh

and this photo was taken by our very own @den.aviation, how cool!


I love that shot


Is there a feature request?

I will make a Devil’s Advocate observation. This feature request is getting many votes, which is fantastic and deserves attention. Have a look at the picture below…

The stats above show, it is not a top ten most flown aircraft in IF (currently 8 being flown across all servers). The A380, another aircraft which needs a major rework, remains a more popular plane among users, and is consistently on this list, which suggests it is a more popular aircraft in the IF community. My question, therefore, is if the devs should rework a plane that IF users are not flying? Would a detailed 757 rework put more 757s in the IF skies than an A380 rework?

100% would! No one wants to fly a plane that’s isn’t like it is in real life. In IF, it’s deformed, colors miss match and 100s of other things. With a full rework, I would imagine this would be in the top 3 most flown aircraft. It’s the Ferrari of the skies!


The reason why the 757 isn’t flown is because of how bad it is. A rework would 100% put more 757s in the sky. The A380 is in somewhat better condition and is more appealing to long haulers. We already got the A350, a highly requested aircraft, and we are getting the 777, another very popular aircraft. It’s time we rework an aircraft that’s maybe not as popular as those 2. We have seen IF add unpopular aircraft before like the A-10, and the Xcub, so a 757 rework definitely makes perfect sense to add after the 777.


This is undisputed.

However I wonder, if we were to set up a poll right now, asking whether people prefer a 757 rework, or an A380 rework, what they would say, based on the stats we see, and the livery selections.

Oddly enough there was a recent poll held on IFFG and the A380 actually came out on top.

I feel like the A380 would win. I’ll be honest. This community just prefers the biggest and shiniest aircraft. But the 757 wouldn’t be that far off. I think we could use a short/medium-hauler after the 777. Then we can do the A380.


well votes speak for themself

These votes have spoken as well.

Perhaps people on IFFG aren’t on IFC and vice versa, which may explain the discrepancies in demand.

true but for now I think we need to focus on medium hauler and not long haul planes as in the last two years they have “reworked” the A330, brought the A350, and are working on the 777. they need to focus on medium haul planes.


I think not, given not everyone on IFFG or plays IF is on IFC, so maybe we’re lucky this time.

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