Boeing 757 Rework

Um…this is a 757 rework thread, the 809 people who have voted want it for a reason.

I will agree that the 757 is flyable, but that’s only because every plane in IF is flyable. What we all are saying is the A330 has already had a soft rework, so it’s basically at the level of the 787, Q400, etc. so what if the cockpit view is zoomed in, at least the displays are basically the same as the RL plane. So what if there are only RR engines, at least it has wingflex and a realistic wing frame. So what if it’s flying dynamics are off, it’s been praised for its smooth landings while the 757 can barely taxi, can do 10,000fpm on climb, and cruises with its nose down. The A330 is already a popular aircraft in IF, which attests to its (at the very least) acceptable level of quality. Meanwhile, nobody flies the 757 because of how outdated it is.

For any more posts that talk about other planes needing a rework on this thread, I’ll just quote this:

The 757 is the aircraft in most need of a rework that has the most substantial demand for one. Sure, the P-38 or Spitfire are desperately crying out for a rework, but guess what: they both barely have any votes. The 747 needs a rework, but guess what: it has 500 less votes than this. Sure, ok, the 737 could use a touch up, but, again, with wingflex, a diverse livery selection, scimitar winglets, and new camera views, it’s basically at the same level as the 787. Same goes for the A330, Q400, etc. I’ll say it again: the 757 is the aircraft in IF that needs the most love and has the most love from the community.

Based on vote numbers and the momentum this thread has gained, of course.


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Hello there!

Personally, I would love to see the 752 reworked as it is in desperate need of one, you have to take into consideration that the developers are not only busy with current features such as Project Metal and the 777-200ER Rework, but also the events of COVID-19. Yes, Infinite Flight did say that the pandemic is not effecting them to the extent they first believed, but it is still very hard to work from home and be able to push out updates.

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I didn’t say the devs have to start right now, even though we all are passionate about the 757 rework doesn’t mean we want them to drop everything and jump impossible hurdles just to ship it now.


This feature request has gotten at least 12 votes today. I hope the support is noted and we see this marvelous bird get some attention rather soon 🥺


I can see the transatlantic being filled with 757’s. I would definitely fly the 757 more often transatlantic.

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Heck, I’d want to try flying an empty one over the Pacific. Regarding the discussion above, I think what people are getting at is the 757 is in most desperate of a rework, but given that the A330/340 thread has more votes and is locked, may have a higher chance of reworked before. I’m not the one to fuel the flame, I’m just here to discuss great aircraft like the 757 and what a rework would mean to us enthusiasts.

As long as we keep this thread higher than any other aircraft thread that’s not locked we’re doing just fine. No to 737MAX, yes to 757.

Delta did a few SEA-NRT flights with it wayyyy back, so that would be realistic.

Wasn’t this locked before the soft rework?


Ferry flights maybe but I don’t think commercial, got a link? DL did however operate 757’s out of NRT since it was their scissor hub.

A330 after, the A340 thread was locked before though although it never received a soft rework.


Ok you were right DL technically operated the 757 on this route. 9 hours in a classic narrowbody is insane performance, ooh man imagine what this could do with a rework…

Can we please for the love of the 757 stop talking about the A330


I’m very happy to see how many votes the 757 rework topic has recieved. If we keep this forward momentum, I’m sure we will be flying the reworked version in the near future.

If you all want to talk about the A330 or anh other aircraft, do it on another thread. This is the 757 Rework thread, not the A330 rework thread.


We’ve progressed so far…few days ago this thread was sitting at below 800 threads…look at where it is now. Kudos to everyone who voted for this beauty, and if you haven’t already please do! Not only is it a great aircraft, but is in a desperate need of a rework, you can’t leave the 757 hanging. I mean, is there any other aircraft that can do what it does? Long 8-9hr flights with superb takeoff performance? No, not even your 739 can replace the 752…please, we need as many people to vote for this.

And if they hold a vote again and this aircraft isn’t chosen I would be severely disappointed in IFC.


They probably won’t hold a vote for a while, seeing as they have to rework the 77L, 77F, and 77W first. We can always hope though!


I would hope there isn’t a poll. Why? Because it allows lower class plebs (ahem ATR) to overtake the 757 and other important aircraft, then the 757 will be left limping even longer. If there isn’t a poll, and the 757 stays on top of all of the other aircraft, it will surely be next in line for a rework.

Do recall in the last poll the ATR came second. Good thing the 777 kept it out, and I hope the 757 gets a rework way, wayyy before the ATR or other aircraft ever will.


IF needs to rework all the older aircraft before adding new ones IMO


I understand that the B757-200 is a VERY versatile aircraft, but I’m tired of flying a broken aircraft that stops within 1500ft after touchdown, and also taking off within 1500ft. Again, the B757-200 is very versatile, but not THAT versatile. #Reworkthe757


If I could use all my votes just for this request I would. That’s how bad I want it


Thank you for your great support of the 757 Rework. Hopefully we get some news on it in the coming future


I swear this was at 812 votes the last time I checked



I think the people don’t like the 757 in general