Boeing 757 Rework


The delta 757 Skyteam livery would look amazing


OK, 757 is REALLY unrealistic, strange controls, landing gears have strange texture, and landing gears collapse easily. Air Finland livery would be nice, because there is the classic Finnair livery from the same time when Air Finland was working (2002-2012)


I put my vote for this. Even though this might not come out in the next couple of months, I do find this aircraft to be reworked. When cruising, the nose is always pointed down. In the United Livery, it looks like it has a super huge forehead. I am in United Virtual and I am never able to fly it because of these things. A last thing would be the feature to have like high gear like in this photo below! This is why I would like a rework badly for this aircraft.



If there is not a new aircraft coming after the crj update this is the one wich should be reworked!


Just to make a short list, here are some things that could be included in a rework:

  • Wing Flex
  • Gear/Truck Tilt
  • Working doors
  • 757-300 model
  • Improved cockpit
  • Overhauled physics and other flight dynamics
  • New liveries, including for cargo airlines
  • High resolution textures, and an overhauled 3D model
  • Improved exterior lights

…and much more!

There are currently no medium haul mid-sized new aircraft in the simulator, this could fill that gap really nicely!


an idea of what it would look like


That is a great list. Tell that to the creator of the post so they can edit it Lol


I support this, a 757-rework would be great


The thread is too old to be edited. Otherwise, I would agree.


But one thing is missing.

Correcting the 3D model of the 757 is needed!

That’s probably what does bother me the most besides the physics.


I can’t tell what’s worse: the physics of the 757 or the A330-200F (not the A330-300, that one is surprisingly ok). You can’t cruise at FL350 and Mach 0.78 in either plane without the nose down.


Probably the physics of the 757.
Another user made a nice pic wich shows how much its gone wrong.
And some else made a nice pic about what’s wrong either the 3D model.


A340 too!!
And maybe A380?


Yes they could need a rework as well but I think the rework is much more needed for the 757 #2 is the a340/30 & 767 and #3 is the a380.


767 is a must cuz Japanese airliners operate alot:)


I like JAL but I am personally more interested in those two liveries.


Can’t read German but looks awsome!!
It has that old feel to it:)


Hopefully those for the 757.

I did flew on every single one of those.


757 is known to be a powerful machine


Yes but not as powerful as it is in IF 😂